Qilin World Capital Recently Sponsored Shares Investment Conference in Singapore

Qilin World Capital sponsored a Shares Investment Conference in Singapore on Saturday, 10 March 2018.

Held at the SGX auditorium, the conference attracted close to 200 retail investors. Attendees were interested in learning more about China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Singapore-listed Azure Capital, Hattenland, LY Corp, 8VIC, Sapphire Corp and Pacific Star Development presented their investment cases.

These identified companies are set to benefit from China’s investments, either through the One Belt One Road initiative, foreign direct investments or indirect investments.

With China aggressively expanding its geographical footprint and cementing its position as a leader of the Asian region, the importance of shareholder communication and investor outreach cannot be ignored.

Morgan Jay Wilbur, a Managing Partner at Qilin World Capital, says, “China’s One Belt One Road initiative presents several business opportunities in Asia. Qilin World Capital is delighted to support this conference, which provides a platform to help SGX-listed companies reach out to investors. We look forward to providing low-interest rates, high LTVs and fast funding times to growth-driven listed companies in the near future.”