Who We Are

Qilin (麒麟) is a mythical creature in the Chinese culture believed to portend prosperity and serenity.

Qilin World Capital Limited is a private investment firm that specializes in the Capital Markets and Asset-Based Lending. A veteran executive board supports the firm’s experienced management team, enabling Qilin to rapidly locate and to efficiently capitalise on shifting market opportunities.

Qilin offers a wide array of financial solutions to meet the liquidity requirements of our clients. Qilin works to provide each client with a bespoke solution in a defined time frame. Qilin provides borrowers with access to liquidity through the following products. Non-recourse Stock Loans, Margin Loans, Convertible Bonds, Repurchase Agreements, and Equity Linked Notes.

Capital Markets – Qilin World Capital Limited is active in the primary and secondary markets throughout Asia and Europe. The firm’s primary focal points are share placements, cornerstone investments, margin lending solutions and Equity-Linked Note transactions.
Asset-Based Lending – Qilin’s dedicated lending group focuses on providing capital to the public and private markets in a customised structure to meet shareholders objectives. Combining public and private investments enhances the ability to leverage the debt and equity markets and manage asset risk in today’s volatile marketplace.
Market Presence – Qilin is uniquely placed in the Asian capital markets through an existing network of thousands of independent finance professionals, family offices and private banks.